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1 Part I Vocabulary and Structure 词汇与语法(共 20 题,每题 1.5 分,共 30 分) 

1. Becoming _____ American citizen takes a lot of work. 

A. / 


C. a 

D. the 

2. She was the only member of her family _____ spoke English. 

A. that 

B. whom 

C. what 

D. which 

3. ______ 

he walked, he looked carefully at the ice in front of him. 

A. If 


C. Since

D. Whether 

4. At about twelve o’clock, the man decided ______ to eat his lunch. 

A. being stopped 

B. stopping 

C. to be stopped 

D. to stop 

5. He threw stones at the birds but could not hit ______. 

A. him 

B. her


D. them

6. Peter is going to a lake ______ he can fish with his friends. 

A. which 

B. here

C. where

D. there

7. They ____ into the dormitory already.

A. have moved

B. moving 

C. move 

D. having moved 

8. Everyone is getting old, but you look _____ than ever. 

A. younger 

B. youngest 

C. the youngest

D. young 

9. — Do you enjoy your present job? — ______. I just do it for a living.

A. Of course

B. Not really 

C. Not likely 

D. Not a little

10. They _____ have arrived at lunchtime but their flight was delayed. 

A. will 

B. can 

C. must 

D. should 

11. After dinner the minister made a short ______ to the guests.

A. delivery 

B. speech

C. pronunciation 

D. conversation 

12. Jean is one of those modern girls who always _____ the latest fashions. 

A. put up with

B. come up with

C. keep up with

D. get along with 

13. The room was so quiet that she could hear the _______ of her heart.

A. hitting 

B. beating 

C. tapping 

D. knocking 

14. This watch is ______ to all the other watches in the store.

A. superior 

B. advantages 

C. super

D. beneficial 

15. If you _______ smoke, please go outside.

 A. can 

B. should

C. must 

D. may 

16. The sun _______ in the east. 

A. rises

B. raises 

C. increases 

D. goes 

17. When you have kids, you won’t have time to go to parties _______. 

A. further

B. still more

C. anymore 

D. no more 

18. They hid themselves ________ a tree. 

A. off 

B. after 

C. behind 

D. before 

19. The protests were not ______ to New York. 

A. balanced 

B. ended

C. limited 

D. attended 

20. He has never recovered from the _______ of his brother’s death.

A. aim 

B. shock 

C. plan 

D. opinion 

Part II Cloze 完形填空(共 20 题,每题 1 分,共 20 分) In an old town lived a merchant. He earned huge profits by fair means and foul (恶劣的). With more profits flowing in, he became more and more ___21___ . He complained when his wife wanted money to___22___ the home. He criticized her when she prepared___23___ dishes or bought expensive clothes. “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” he___24___ his children when they asked for money to buy books and new dresses. When his sisters, brothers and cousins came to ask for ___25___, he drove them away. ___26___ he grew richer, he became more miserly (吝啬的). He ___27___ the cook, the maid and the gardener. “No. who will pay them? All of us must share the work and thus avoid ___28___ of money.” he told his wife and children. “What will you do with all this money?” they asked. But he drove them away, ___29___, “I will do ___30___ I like with my money. I earn it. I will save it. I will become the richest man in the town. Wait and see.” It ___31___ him many years to become the richest man in town. But none had a good word to say about him. The people laughed at him, “Money Bag.” They named him “King Miser.”The merchant became worried day by day ___32___his bad name. How could he get a good name? He finally went to an elder and ___33___ advice. “Shall I open a charitable (慈善的)hospital? ___34____ a school for the children of the poor? Open a chain of poor homes?” he asked. “Not a bad idea. In fact, I would normally have recommended such kind of charity. But it will cost a lot of money,” the elder ___35___ out.3 “I am ready to spend some money to win name and ___36___,” the merchant replied. “How can you even think of helping strangers? Should you not attend to the ___37___ of your near and dear ones first? Can’t you see your wife and children going around ___38___ poor clothes? How hungry they look? Do they have even enough food every day? Listen. Do your ___39___ to your family, first. Help your brothers and sisters and other members of the family who are poor. Opening hospitals for the poor or schools for the children of the poor must come ___40___. Charity begins at home.” saying this, the wise man sent the merchant away. 

21A. honest B. greedy C. upset D. generous 

22A. run B. move C sell D. visit 

23A. friendly B. slender C. costly D. effective 

24A. scolded B. praised C. shouted D. worried 

25A. scheme B. belief C. advice D. help 

26A. No matter how B. As C. As long as D. Where 

27A. invited B. employed C. promoted D. dismissed 

28A. exchange B. income C. waste D. increase 

29A. screaming B. explaining C. approving D. weeping

30A. why B. where C. what D. which 

31A. drew B. spent C. paid D. took 

32A. above B. about C. beside D. within 

33A. taught B. consumed C. sought D. searched

34A. Instruct B. Establish C. Proceed D. Perform 

35A. pointed B. cleaned C. picked D. stepped 

36A. price B. salary C. cost D. fame 

37A. sights B. trusts C. needs D. pays 

38A. at B.in C. for D. on

39A. origin B. shame C. belief D. duty 

40A. later B. first C. now D. before 

Part III Reading Comprehension (共8题,每题2.5分,共20分) Passage 1: Questions 41 to 44 are based on the following passage. The interview is an important event in the job-hunting process, because the 20 or 30 minutes you spend with the interviewer may determine whether or not you get the particular job you want. Therefore, it is important to remember that our objective during the interview may differ from the objective of the potential employer. You want to make yourself stand outas a whole person who has personal strengths, is well qualified, and should be considered the right person for the job. It is encouraging to know that the interviewer’s task is not to embarrass you or to trip you up, but to hire the right person for the job. Remember, job hunting is very competitive. Anything you can do to enhance your interview techniques will be to your advantage. The following suggestions may help you land the most important job. Your goal in this interview is to make sure your good points get across. The interviewer won’t know them unless you point them out, so try to do this in a factual and sincere manner. Do not make slighting(轻蔑的)references to former employers or professors. If you have been fired from a job and the interviewer asks about it, be frank in your answer. Show the interviewer that you are interested in the company by asking relevant questions. Ask about responsibilities, working conditions, promotion opportunities and fringe benefits (附加福利)of the job you are interviewing for. If at some point you decide the interview is not going well, do not let your discouragement show. You have nothing to lose by continuing a show of confidence, and you may have much to gain. It may be real, or it may be a test to see how you react to adverse conditions. Some interviewers may bring up salary early in the interview. At this time, you may indicate that you are more interested in a job where you can prove yourself than a specific salary. This politely passes the question back to the interviewer. If the interviewer continues to press, give him a range or suggest the going rate for a particular job. If possible, you should negotiate for salary after you have been offered a job and when you are ready to complete the paperwork.

41. To get the job you want, during the interview you should _____. 

A. avoid the interviewer’s questions that are designed to trip you up

B. remember that you are the best qualified candidate 

C. make yourself stand out as the right person for the job 

D. keep in mind that it determines whether or not you get the particular job you want 

42. If you did not get along with your former employer, you_____. 

A. should tell the interviewer frankly 

B. should not speak ill of him 

C. should refer to him in a casual manner 

D. should never mention it 

43. When you find the interview is not going well you should_____. 

A. keep up your confidence 

B. bring it to an end as soon as possible 

C. tell your interviewer how you react to adverse conditions

D. tell yourself you have much to gain and nothing to lose

44. The best time to discuss your salary is_____. 

A. when you have been offered the job 

B. at the end of the interview 

C. after you have completed the paperwork 

D. when the interview brings this matter up

Passage 2: Questions 45 to 48 are based on the following passage. When the United States Congress created Yellowstone National Park in 1872, the goal was to set aside a place where Americans could enjoy the beauty of nature for years to come. Now, 142 years later, there are hundreds of national parks across the country, and technology is changing the way people experience them. Should park visitors be able to use cell phones, or should their use be restricted? “Connectivity presents a real challenge to all of us.” Al Nash says. He is a public affairs officer at Yellowstone National Park. He says cell phone service at Yellowstone is available in parts of the park with stores and campgrounds. This makes it easy for visitors to share photos of their trip on social networking sites and to stay in touch with friends and family members. If a park visitor is hurt or in danger, cell phones make it easier to get help. Some say the ability to download applications that provide information about plants and animals in the park can enrich a visitor’s experience. Others say cell phones disturb people’s enjoyment of our national parks. In their view, cell phone towers are an eyesore, and they’d rather hear the sound of birds than the ring of an incoming call. Can you imagine looking out a peaceful lake or field of grass only to be disturbed by a person shouting into their phone, “Can you hear me now?” Nash says Yellowstone tries to strike a balance. “Ultimately, our job is to let visitors understand and enjoy nature better while protecting what people find special about Yellowstone, and one of those things that’s special is the ability to get away from the hustle and bustle (喧嚣) of one’s daily life.” 

45Which of the following is the best title for the passage? 

A. Which U.S. National Park Has the Most Visitors? 

B. Should National Parks Allow the Use of Cell Phones? 

C. What Did Yellowstone Do to Enrich Park Visitors’ Experience? 

 D. Can Technology Transform the Way People Experience Nature?

46National parks were established _______. 

A. to show respect to former presidents 

B. to raise public awareness about climate change 

C. to preserve areas of natural beauty

D. to create job opportunities 

47According to the passage, which of the following statements about the cell phone service at Yellowstone is TRUE? 

A. It is limited to certain areas in the park. 

B. It is available everywhere in the park. 

C. It is not available in the park. 

D. It is available to visitors at a fee. 

48The word “eyesore “in the third paragraph probably means _______.

A. something unpleasant to look at 

B. something harmful to health 

C. beautiful scene 

D. serious threat

Part IV. Translation 句子汉译英(共 5 题,每题 3 分,共 15 分) 

49. 这个演员很会模仿其他人。

50. 一些幸运的人美貌与智慧兼具。 

51. 你不必花很长时间就能习惯我们做事的方法。

52. 那条新闻是《中国日报》的独家新闻。

53. 自行车的减少和私家车的增加可能会带来很多新问题。

Part V Writing 15 分) 54. Directions: You are to write in no less than 100 words on the topic Life in the Future. You should base your composition on the outline given in Chinese below. 











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